We made a music video to get kids and teachers excited about nutrition and exercise. It worked.

Fuel Up to Play 60—an in-school program promoting fitness and nutrition—asked us to find a way to get students pumped up for the school year while also enticing teachers to host an event to kick off the program at their schools.

And since nothing gets people hyped up quite like a contagious dance with a catchy beat, we created one ourselves—complete with both original choreography and music.

Then we took it a step further. Inspired by the viral dance challenges on Instagram, we worked with our choreographer to incorporate dance moves into the video that students would want to replicate and share. And they did. And so did a couple of NFL players. The client wound up incorporating the moves into the overall in-school program, and program advisors across the country teach their students this dance as part of their 60 minutes of physical activity.